Kiss Kool Soi 6

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Kiss Kool Soi 6Kiss Kool, often called Kiss Cool, is located near the Beach Road end of Soi 6 in Pattaya. if you are walking UP from Beach Road it is 50 metres on the left hand side. It is one of the larger, double unit, bars on the six.


Several years ago it was (probably) the number one bar on the Six. It then somewhat fell from grace but in the last year or so, under new management we believe, it has again become one of the most popular bars on the Soi.

It features the somewhat bizarre “execution room” (see their website). To be honest I would imagine this puts off as many people as it attracts but hey, each to their own in Pattaya. Other featured rooms include the Mirror room and the Soldiers room.

Contact details for the Kiss Kool bar Pattaya

Address: 50 metres up Soi 6 from Beach Road, Pattaya, Thailand.

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Kiss Kool Soi 6
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